Zombotron, the cool zombie shooting game is back and it's on you to save the last humans on the earth-like planet from death hungry creatures. Use various upgradeable weapons to kill all undeads on your way. Much fun with Zombotron 2.
Plants vs. Zombies 2. The zombies are coming back. It's about time! Meet, greet and defeat legions of zombies from the daw.
In this cool game by Miniclip company you can play Pool with players from around the world. Just one click and the game will fin...
Yepi's peaceful planet has been invaded by aliens, and his dear girlfriend has been kidnapped! Can you save her by overcoming dangerous obstacles?
Your crew mate Hailey has detected a rad leak on the planet Haven, but there are no signs of life! Get ready to go on a rescue mission with Jameson! Explore the area, collect cards and magazines as you try to find out what ha
Fight against the joint forces of Humaliens Battle, Myth Wars and Age of Defense to dominate the world!Each battle involves deploying units and building defenses with the goal of destroying your enemy's base or shattering
This is the long awaited sequel to the hit game Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack! Marty and Rita's routine work day at the Burgeria turns into a nightmare when a strange portal appears in Papa's Burgeria. Radley Madish, Sarge
This is a weird game about a mage and his aways-evolving-race of minions. The game's objective is to carry the purple crystals (one by one) to the altar. Bring 5 crystals to the altar to go to the next level. Minions eat cor
Snail Bob has a lot of enemies, and that's a little weird for a simple snail. But if you've climbed to the top of the social ladder over the last three years like Snail Bob has, it should be no surprise that Snail Bob is ge
This is the fourth game in the series of popular duck training games. Develop your duck's skills by training it to fly or swim
Bush Whacker 2 is a mix of adventure and RPG. Taking place in the magical lands of Bush Whacker where (apparently) anything your heart desires can be obtained by taking a sword to the nearby bushes.
Joyful, uplifting and giving a what's next emotion, the bouncing crimlet is eager to collect all candies with your help! Use arrow keys to move and bounce the crimlet and collect all candies to complete the level!
Adventures await Mario! Use the arrow keys to move him and the SPACE button to select.
As a little cute hopper, try jumping on the platforms and smash your enemies. Keep hopping and hope you stay alive until you reach the end!
Guide Hopper to the star at the top of the platforms! Use the arrow keys to move and the SPACE button to jump. Avoid the deadly creatures on your way.
Super Mario is running after adventures and he collects not only bonuses but also great stars! Try to reach the star on each level and collect coins for bonus points.
Here's a flash clone of the highly popular classic platform game based on SEGA Sonic. Use the arrow keys to move and the SPACE button to jump.
Rollercoaster is the most esciting way to free your mind and working in an amusement park requires strict control. Your job is to keep the ride safe for the passengers while making the experience exciting. Use the arrow keys to move the train and avoid the obstacles to keep the passengers happy!
Guide Sky-Skater Claire to skate on these sky-floating ice.
Guide the star on his way until it reaches the sky to shine amongst others! Use the arrow keys to move and the UP arrow to jump on the grassy platforms.
Between their Grim Adventures, Mandy and the Grim Reaper already lost the count of how many times Billy punched something inside his nose. Now he claims to be a seer and that the future is written on all the things he can get out of his nose. There are plenty of disgusting things to be removed and a lot to see.
Medieval battles and tournaments, princesses and great knights, this is not another Lord of the Rings movie, but one of Spongebob’s new adventures. His world is back to Middle Age, now he and his friends are going to use their swords to protect the kingdom and save the beautiful princess.
Just like an aquarium, Bikini Bottom can turn into a dirty place due to all the garbage humans throw into the sea. Fortunately, all the living beings that need water to survive can count on Spongebob and his friend Patrick, who are always ready to clean and save their land.
Emily was having just a regular Halloween night collecting candies with her friends, when she decided it was a good idea to enter an abandoned mansion. She fell on a trap and now she will be helped by a talking cat, who is also trying to escape. Of course she won’t forget to get the sweeties along the way.
An unlikely friendship started when two elements were trying to escape their prison in a magic pyramid. A great sorcerer locked them inside to prevent them from acting against his evil powers, for now he controls both water and fire. They need to get away using their intelligence and recover what is theirs.
Mordecai is off traveling to meet his uncle, but that doesn’t mean that Rigby won’t have a regular fun day. Muscle Man is ready to show him that he is a good friend too, carrying the funny raccoon through dangerous but awesome obstacles, with energy drinks and all he loves.
Sometimes a person have to go deep to find and achieve its dream, literally if is someone like Diggy. He wants to find the very center of the planet Earth and tell his discoveries to humanity. It won’t be an easy task and he will have to upgrade his tools to pierce the hard rocks.
Every kingdom needs honored and mighty knights prepared to give their lives for the well being of their people and, of course, the King. To reach such an important position, however, they need to prove that they are worth it. This guy is ready to slain a few goblins and restore the peace, in order to become one of them.
Who said only animals can be intelligent? This is the smartest larva in the whole world, which wants to build a helicopter before the end of its days. Before achieving this goal, it must solve a few problems and interact with the environment to collect a few items it will need.
Shaun and his three sheep friends decided their life in the farm was too boring and that they should take the chances to have at least one adventure in their life. What sounded like an awesome idea ended up with them lost in London, each one of them will have to do its part in order to go back home.
When someone do a good action, people say that the person will always be rewarded. This happened with this knight who, even tough his girlfriend was kidnapped ,saved the life of an old lady who was a sorcerer. She gave him a pair of magical boots that will help him to rescue his love.
Three pandas who are brothers used to live happy in their forest, there wasn’t any predators around hunting them and life was easy. Until humans came and took all of them to their ships, locking them inside cages. Now they must escape and win their freedom again, away from these monsters.
Drago’s father is one of the strongest dragons alive, thanks to him an evil monster was defeated and ran away, but not without hurting the whole village and killing his mother. Now the little one wants to make his name famous, so he will start his own adventure and see what he can find.
Our natural resources aren’t endless and sooner or later we will have to look for it out of our planet. It happened in this game, but they aren’t uninhabited and our army will have to send a few military forces to defeat the enemies in tough battles and intergalactic war.
New vampires are coming everyday, but most of them aren’t natural when it comes to the skills and they must attend to an exam that will show if they can be bloodthirsty creatures. Suck the blood out of the neck of innocent girls and make sure nobody will be hunting you.
A true magician never reveals his secrets, unless it’s really necessary. This time it will be, for you are his guide and won’t let him forget the steps of every magic trick. Without you he might forget something and be booed, but it doesn’t mean you are flawless, make sure to click right!
Pirates were losing both their fame and space in the sea, the government was capturing and executing them all without a single drop of mercy. To keep their attacks, treasure gathering and hidden from the authorities, they decided to try a submarine, which you will be the first to drive.
A treasure map might be a certain path towards a long and rich life, as long as you can find the treasure. There seems to be a great one buried somewhere in the deep sea, so it will take both a submarine and lots of courage to get there and find it.
A group of friends decided to travel to a beautiful island during their vacation, but they can’t even imagine the problems or adventures they will have to face there. Don’t let anything ruin their holiday season, guide the main character through the land and explore it, talking with everyone you see.
All the species are constantly evolving to adapt themselves to the world. This happened to the dinosaurs too and this little one is what we can call an ancestor of nowadays chameleons. He can change his color not for camouflage purposes, but to eat the colored blocks of the same color.
Papa Louie is very famous for all his food shops, but he tried to improve his fame by trying new pizza formulas. The problem is that the herb he used as an ingredient gave life for the others and also turned the pizzas into monsters. Capture them and rescue the kidnapped employees.
Sleepwalkers are common, even in the animal world. This penguin has this problem and he doesn’t live in a place where you can go wherever you want, there are predators like humans and bears out there. Guide him in safety back to his bed, before someone or something eats him alive.
A nice Alien left his family in his home planet to go on an exploration expedition, but now he is out of fuel and had to land on a strange and unknown world. Guide him through this dangerous place and collect all the diamonds that can be turned into fuel to his spaceship.
Monsters are known for their incredible habit of separating lovers, just like this evil dragon who doesn’t care if he is hurting somebody else’s heart. This time it was a true friendship, now the knight will find his friend and slay the creature to avoid this from happening ever again.
A greedy King can’t make people pay himself, so he asked his most loyal knight to steal every penny he can from them. Since this warrior isn’t quite a gentleman and only cares about receiving a little bonus for the job, he will do like his master ordered and will take every gold he can.
Toffy is a cat that loves frozen food, nobody can explain why. After he found out that there were ice wizards living nearby that always freeze their food before eating, he charged to the location and now wants your help to ease his hunger and defeat the wizards who will try to stop him.
Thanks to the horror movies, everybody is afraid of being attacked out of a sudden by a bunch of bloodthirsty zombies. This unlucky man discovered his neighbors are already undead and he must run away to safety before they manage to bite off his neck and eat all his flesh.
An illusionist found himself in a strange land named Oz, where his powers were increased but his life is in danger. Although he likes his new ability of becoming any animal he touches, he wants to go home or he won’t be able to survive there. Guide him and find the keys to open the portals.
Your life couldn’t be worst: you lost your wife, who took your kids away, got fired and don’t have a job anymore and the Bank is about to take your house from you. Stealing a diamond is your last chance, think it through and find a way to take it.
They thought they were alone in this huge universe, but the aliens came and changed that forever. These are merciless and won’t stop killing your people. All you can do right now is to find some safe place to think it through, but you will have to kill a few aliens before that.